Tree Removal

There are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed from your property. Nobody wants to see a tree go but when a tree is damaged by a storm or begins decaying in their old age, it may be time for the tree to be removed. When a tree can no longer be saved from trimming or pruning removal is often the only remaining option.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Services

Administrative Considerations

There can be several administrative obstacles when it comes to removing a tree. Many municipalities have introduced bylaws that restrict the destruction of trees which you may by unaware of!  At Five Star Tree Services we understand these administrative obstacles and are experienced in maneuvering through these processes. Our team can help you attain the permission required by your municipality quickly.


It is important to choose a trusted and qualified tree removal company in Richmond Hill and Greater Toronto Area. This procedure is complex, and mistakes can lead to devastating results. We are specialized and experienced in removing trees and dedicated to ensuring that the job is completed safely, quickly and to your satisfaction.

What to Expect

During our visit we will remove as much of the tree as possible without damaging or disturbing the neighboring areas. We will ensure that your garden is returned to its original state (except the missing tree of course!).

What’s Next?

If you think that you are in need of tree removal services contact us to find out your best options. We are dedicated to providing you with a prompt and cost-effective tree removal solution. We look forward to discussing your tree removal options with you.


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