Construction Tree Services in Richmond Hill, Toronto (GTA)

New construction projects usually need tree reporting and planning services.

Arborist reports are prepared by certified arborists to outline the condition of a particular tree.

The report outlines:

  • the location
  • condition
  • areas of concern regarding the health of the tree, and any other issue

When embarking on a construction project it is common that you will need to remove trees or create a plan for the protection of trees in the area. In many parts the GTA you need to submit an arborist report and tree protection plan in order to get approval from your municipal Urban Forestry office to begin work on your construction project. We can help you with this process.

We know at Five Star Tree Services that this may be difficult to navigate for those who are not familiar with the steps required. That is why we offer detailed arborist reports and tree protection plans for construction purposes. Contact us if you have questions, or would like to schedule a consultation.

Construction Tree Services


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