Storm and Emergency Tree Services in Richmond Hill, Toronto (GTA)

If you have experienced a tree emergency, we have arborists ready to assist you in restoring safety and eliminating the hazard.

We understand at Five Star Tree Services that storms and other inclement weather can create hazards at our homes and in our neighbourhoods due to fallen trees. We are skilled and experienced in removing trees and assessing potential hazards. When we arrive on scene for an emergency call we will first assess the safety of the situation and eliminate any risks. After securing the area, we will begin the process of removing the tree or parts of the tree that are required.

Please contact us if you’re experiencing an emergency. We have arborists standing by to assist you.

If you’re worried about potential hazards that your trees may cause during a storm, we can also provide consultations and other services to help mitigate the risk of severe damage to your family’s property.

Emergency Tree Removal Services
Emergency Tree Services


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