Cabling and Bracing in Richmond Hill, Toronto (GTA)

Tree Bracing & Cabling Services

Add safety and precision to your project

Tree Cabling And Bracing

At Five Star Tree Services, your safety and the safety of your home and neighbourhood are our top priority. Cabling and bracing is one of the steps to ensure that your project is completed in the safest manner possible. We highly recommend this additional support service due to the significant increase in safety that it offers.

How It Works

These systems are critical to the care and preservation of urban trees. By utilizing cable systems, we are able to offer a method of tree care that reduces the need to remove trees or amputate too many limbs. The method works by using cables to connect sections of the tree canopy which fortifies the structure. They can be created using either steel or specialized synthetic fibers. Our arborists are skilled in knowing which material is right for your project, and how to expertly create the proper system.

We Can Help

If you think that tree cabling & bracing may be needed during your tree project, we would be happy to consult. You can contact us and we would be happy to chat about the arborist services that we can offer you, which may include tree cabling and bracing, so that your project is completed safely.


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